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Are you looking to organise the perfect school trip? Well what about one with a difference? Sometimes, children’s school trips need to look beyond the academic and consider other benefits and Inflata Nation Glasgow is absolutely one of the best places for school visits!

Not only is this inflatable park filled with incredible activities perfect for both primary school trips and secondary school trips, it is also indoors meaning you need not worry about the weather! It is similar to a soft play centre and as such is safe for children of all ages to enjoy, from the very young (under 4s) to adult ages so even the teachers can get involved.

Don’t worry though, if bouncing around having incredible fun isn’t for you (!), then you can take refuge in the café. There you can enjoy a hot drink or delicious snack and watch it all unfold from the viewing gallery.

Having the responsibility for searching “school trip ideas near me” has just become a lot more favourable. Now, you know there is a venue on your doorstep which will provide children the opportunity to develop skills they might not normally use:

Bravery – climbing to the summit of Inflata Wall might seem scary when you are under 5’! And if that’s not enough of a challenge, your pupils could attempt THE Inflata which requires them to ascend the steep steps up to high platforms. They will then need to throw themselves off and either fall through the air or land on softly an extreme drop slide! This isn’t for the faint hearted but will develop their bravery and give them a wonderful sense of achievement.

Adventuring – the Inflata Bubbles bounce you skywards making you feel you’re entering orbit.

Teamwork – you’ll be amazed to see how the kids will help each other to cross the various obstacles and how much they will support their friends too.

CompetitionInflata Race, a 2-lane assault course, is a perfect way to foster that healthy competition and you could even turn it into a relay. Then there is Inflata Duel where a battle of the wills determines the victor.

Coordination – ball games are well-known to develop hand-eye coordination so let them practice on Inflata Hoops. Kids can bounce high for a rebound or try to shoot from a distance.

There’s so much more to schooling than getting top marks in the classroom so when you’re trying to find the best places for school trips Glasgow, why not consider Inflata Nation? It’s the perfect place to develop a lot of skills that are crucial for later life and they will also burn plenty of calories and have great fun whilst doing so!

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