Inflata Mountain

Inflata Mountain, our precipitous inflatable peak that rises high into the eaves of Inflata Nation. There’s loads of fabulous fun to be had on Inflata Mountain. Here’s the rundown…

Slides rule

If you’ve climbed all the way to the top of Inflata Mountain, you’ll be looking for a fast, fun and furious way down. 

Luckily, there’s a few to choose from. Inflata Drop is our classic inflatable slide, and we’ve doubled the fun on Inflata Mountain. Sweep down either Inflata Drop and land in the UK’s biggest ball pool - more a ball lake, really -  filled with 200,000 balls.

Then there’s Inflata Wave, another giant slide but this time featuring added wavy bits. Like Inflata Drop, it’s super slidey, super bouncy and super fun. Pick the slide you prefer and let yourself go!

Wall to wall fun

Inflata Mountain is about more than slides, though. It’s also home to Inflata Wall, our brilliant inflatable climbing wall. Inflata Wall is set up high, so you’ll need to scramble up the ropes just to reach the bottom!

After that, it’s a case of picking your hand and foot holds carefully and using strength and dexterity to conquer the Wall. You could be climbing the North Face of Mount Everest, except if you fall off this precipitous peak you’ll tumble onto a bed of springy pillows. 

The high life

Inflata Mountain is just one of the amazing indoor activities at Inflata Nation. We can’t mention all the others - there’s just too many - but highlights include Inflata Race, our two-lane assault course at the foot of Inflata Mountain, and Inflata Bubbles, an area dedicated to gravity-defying bouncing. 

And when you need a break from the action check out our on-site Cafe Nation cafe. There’s a great selection of hot and cold drinks and homemade food and snacks, and the WiFi comes free.

So why not give Inflata Nation a try, a unique day out for all the family. It’s a mountain of fun!

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