Inflata Wreck

Our Birmingham inflatable park is filled with exhilarating indoor activities, and we’re delighted to say that Inflata Wreck is here to knock your socks off (literally).

Inflata Wreck takes balance, coordination, speed and strength as you attempt to knock friends and family members to the floor! You’ll chuckle like a James Bond villain (mwahahahaha!) as a perfect shot sends one opponent tumbling to their doom. 

And you’ll shriek like a cartoon baddie - yikes! -  when they bounce back up and throw one right back at yer!

Give and take

With Inflata Wreck, you’ve got to be able to give it out and take it back. There’s no quarter given as wreckers take their places on the wobbly podiums, taking turns to aim the giant inflatable wrecking ball at their opponents. 

Take a hit and you’ll need superior balance to stay in the game. Surprise an opponent with a speedy or disguised attack and there may be one less wrecker to worry about. Last man, woman or child standing takes the glory.

Inflata Wreck is a game everyone can enjoy. You’ll need to use your strength to score a hit, but put too much into a throw and you could overbalance and tumble out of the game. Being able to dodge, duck and weave while keeping a firm footing is just as important.

Indoor activities that hit the spot

We’re confident Inflata Wreck will be a real hit, and there’s lots more to do at Inflata Nation’s mega Birmingham arena. Other fun-filled activities include Inflata Wall, our giant inflatable climbing wall, and Inflata Race, our fabulous two-lane assault course. There’s lots, lots more.

And like all our inflatable arenas, Birmingham comes equipped with our on-site Cafe Nation cafe and Inflata Tots, an area specially designed for under 4s. If you’re not a tot, you’re not coming in!

So why not check out Inflata Nation? Your giant wrecking ball awaits...

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