Inflata Ladder

Inflata Ladder. It’s really quite simple. Two giant inflatable ladders stretch high into the arena sky. Face off against a friend or family member to see who can reach the top and ring the victory bell first. 

It’s a battle of speed, stamina and determination. Are you ready to face the Ladder?

Rungs of fun

Sometimes the simplest ideas can be loads and loads of fun and that’s certainly the case with Inflata Ladder. 

Get to the top first and win the race. How you get to the top is up to you - just leap, scramble or drag yourself up the rungs of fun as quickly as you can. The winner is the one who sounds the bell first.

You’ll hit new heights of fun with Inflata Ladder, one of a theme park full of great indoor activities. Like all the others, our ladder race is designed for everyone to enjoy, whatever your age, size or shape. You don’t have to be Fireman Sam to have a great time on Inflata Ladder.

In fact, failing is as much fun as winning the race! Fall off the ladder and you’ll enjoy the softest landing ever, straight onto a bed of spring-loaded pillows. Bounce straight back up and you’re ready for another go.

Indoor activities for all

Head to an Inflata Nation and enjoy a host of fun-filled activities. There’s Inflata Duel, our wibbly wobbly gladiator challenge. Or why not attempt to conquer Inflata Wall, our ace inflatable climbing wall? 

And don’t worry about your littlest bouncers. Every Inflata Nation features Inflata Tots, an area of the arena set aside for the exclusive use of under 4s (so there’s no big people to get in the way).

There really is something for everyone at Inflata Nation so why not give it a try? Your rungs of fun await..

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