Inflata Drop

No inflatable theme park would be complete without some wicked slides. 

Inflata Drop is our giant inflatable slide that fires you earthwards from a great height and dumps you in a supersoft lake of bouncy balls. In fact, the ball pool at the foot of Inflata Drop is one of the largest in the UK!

Slide away

When we designed Inflata Nation we wanted to pack it with loads of new and exciting indoor activities. That’s why every one of our arenas features Inflata Duel, a gladiator style combat game. That’s why they all come complete with Inflata Race, an adrenaline-fuelled inflatable obstacle course. There are lots, lots more.

And then we thought, don’t forget the slides! No inflatable theme park for children and adults can be complete without the biggest and best slides around. Yes, we’ve all been on slides before. But not like these.

The result is that every Inflata Nation boasts inflatable slides for all ages, abilities, and preferences. Inflata Drop is the name of our slightly smaller slide. But don’t let that description fool you - it’s still a beast!

Beat the drop

OK, you know the routine. Climb a flight of inflatable stairs that head towards the roof of the arena. Pick a sliding lane. Blast off!

The difference with Inflata Drop is that it all takes place on an inflatable slide that is super-slidey, super-bouncy, and ends in a huge ball pool. Compared to many traditional slides, Inflata Drop is simply bigger, better, and softer. All the activities at Inflata Nation take place surrounded by a bed of the softest inflatable cushions. 

Indoor activities with extra bounce

Inflata Drop is one of a huge range of fun-filled indoor activities at Inflata Nation. Our arenas have been designed to appeal to kids of all ages and physical abilities, and grown-ups too. You’ll love Inflata Drop, but remember to explore everything that Inflata Nation offers, from bouncy basketball hoops to spring loaded Inflata Bubbles.

So for a really different day out, why not check out Inflata Nation? There’s a giant slide waiting just for you.

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