Inflata Balls

Our inflatable arena is home to loads of great indoor activities, some super easy and some a little more tricky. Inflata Balls comes in at the trickier end of the spectrum, a seriously fun challenge for adventurers of all ages.


Here’s all you need to know

Stick and twist

In a nutshell, Inflata Balls is our very own Wipeout challenge, a test of your spring, judgement and (most of all) stickability. You’ll need a good leap, great balance and the agility of a gymnast. Only the best make it to the end.

A series of giant inflatable balls block your path, fiendishly positioned to make leaping from one to another possible, but not easy. Your mission (which we’ve accepted on your behalf) is to make it to the end of the course without tumbling to the floor.

As indoor activities go, it’s a humdinger.  There’s something highly addictive about leaping gracefully into the air, soaring like a bird, then landing spread-eagled on a giant inflatable ball and clinging on for dear life. Bouncers who complete the course once always come back for more. Can they do it while staying on their feet (answer: highly unlikely) or without stopping between leaps (answer: with a lot of practice)?  

It’s a tricky challenge alright, but one you’ll love trying to master.

Indoor activities for all the family

And when you’ve mastered Inflata Balls (or not, as the case may be) there’s loads more to do at our fantastic inflatable theme park, from giant slides to our bouncy and brilliant inflatable obstacle course. There’s even a section specially designed for under 4s. 

Inflata Nation really is a great day out for everyone, and something the whole family can enjoy. When you need a break, or even if you don’t want to bounce at all, hunker down in our on-site cafe and watch the action with a cuppa or a proper coffee and one of our homemade treats. All our inflatable arenas offer free WiFi too. 

So for a really different day out, why not check out Inflata Nation? The Inflata Balls challenge awaits...

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