Inflata Wall

How to describe our fiendishly fun Inflata Wall, one of Inflata Nation’s most popular activities? Well, to put it simply, it’s an inflatable climbing wall that soars high towards the roof and wraps around three sides of our Inflata Nation arenas. 

But that description doesn’t really do the adrenaline-fuelled challenge of the Inflata Wall justice. Here’s everything you need to know…


Meet the challenge

In a nutshell, indoor activities don’t come much better than Inflata Wall. Our inflatable climbing wall features easy bits, tricky bits, and sections that will test your nerve and balance to the full (but don’t worry, whatever happens, you’re assured of a kitten soft landing!). 

Inflata Wall takes in three walls of the arena and reaches up into the eaves of the building, so there’s plenty to keep you occupied.

Grip and hold

In many ways our inflatable climbing wall is just like a climbing wall you’d find in your local leisure centre. Plot your course around Inflata Wall using the best hand and foot holds for you. Choose an easier route or a trickier one. Use grip and strength to haul yourself up the steep bits, and poise and balance to negotiate the rest.

In one important respect Inflata Wall is entirely different to a climbing wall you’d find in your local leisure centre, of course. If you fall off at any point, you plummet into the welcome embrace of supersoft air-filled pillows. In fact with our inflatable climbing wall falling off can be half the fun!

Indoor activities for everyone

Our inflatable climbing wall is great fun, and you can tackle the whole thing or just a section of it - it’s entirely up to you.

And Inflata Wall is just one of a huge variety of indoor activities at Inflata Nation, from assault courses and slides to basketball hoops and super bouncy bubbles. For a really different day out, why not check out Inflata Nation? Your challenge awaits...

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