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The unique mix of features at Inflata Nation Inflatable Theme parks guarantees hours of fun for all the family. Take a minute to check out our indoor activities and start planning your visit.

Indoor activities

You don't have to search far for "indoor activities near me" when there's so many Inflata Nation inflatable parks in the UK.

Here are just some of the fun indoor activities available at our Manchester indoor inflatable arena. For videos, pictures and info on Inflata Nation locations near you, visit the locations page. 

We're planning to open lots of new locations across the UK this year, so please keep checking our blog and our social media to see if there is an Inflata Nation coming to you!  

Inflata Wall

Inflata Wall is our tricky inflatable climbing wall. Soaring high into the eaves of the building and wrapping round 3 walls, it will take nerves of steel to climb all the way to the top. Are you brave enough to take on the challenge?  

Inflata Duel

Inflata Duel is a gladiator duel, but not like anything you’ve seen before! This takes balance and skill to stay upright on a moving platform at the same time as trying to knock your opponent off with a pugel stick. Only the most skilful will come away triumphant!  

Inflata Race

Inflata Race is a 2 lane assault course, where you can race your friends, or even a complete stranger for the title of champion! But you need to be agile to climb through the holes, over obstacles, have fast footwork through the rings, hold on tight to cross the rope swing, be the first to get through the biff bash posts, and still have the strength left to get over the final wall, before climbing up the steps to slide down across the finish line! Only the fastest and fittest will take the crown! 

Inflata Bubbles

Inflata Bubbles is our fantastically fun extra bouncy ‘bubbles’. Right in the middle of the arena you will find these extra bouncy pillows to bounce around on and see who can bounce the highest! Be warned, it’s super fun for all! 

Inflata Drop

Inflata Drop is our giant slide, suitable for all ages, that after the climb up to the top, will end with you in a sea of balls, in the the UK’s largest ball pool!  

THE Inflata

If the Inflata Drop does not challenge you enough, then why not try ‘THE Inflata’, only the brave will be willing to make the journey up the steep steps to the high platforms that wait above. You then have to make the leap to throw yourself off, at the risk of catching some air, on a choice of 2 extreme drop slides, both straight and curved. Not for the faint hearted!  

Inflata Balls

Inflata Balls is our fabulously fun 'Wipeout' challenge for adventurers of all ages. Leap from giant bouncy ball to giant bouncy ball, clinging on like a limpet or tumbling onto the inflatable surface below! Be warned, it’s a tricky challenge for anyone. 

Inflata Hoops

With Inflata Hoops, practice your basketball shots. Shoot from distance or bounce high for a rebound. Great fun for all abilities.

Inflata Bash

Inflata Bash is a series of air filled biff bash posts, that you will have fun chasing through and hiding in whilst exploring the whole Inflata Nation arena.

Inflata Tots (Under 4)

We’ve got a whole section of the arena just for our youngest bouncers. Our Under 4 zone comes complete with its own slide, own ball pool, things to climb on, things to climb under and of course lots of bouncy fun! And the best part? There are no big people to get in the way.

Inflata Wreck

Inflata Wreck tests your speed, strength, balance and coordination as you and your friends stand on the wibbly wobbly platform and attempt to push each other off with the giant inflatable wrecking ball. This inflatable activity is exclusively available at our Birmingham inflatable theme park

Inflata Grab

If you were a fan of Hungry Hungry Hippos then you're going to love Inflata Grab, its basically a full sized human inflatable version. Only available at our Birmingham arena, Inflata Grab sounds easy but the bungee cord and bouncy surface makes for a fun challenge for you and your family/friends.

Inflata Mountain

Inflata Mountain is the UK's first. Once you've climbed to the top, into the eaves of the arena, choose how you'll get down, will you go down Inflata Drop or Inflata Wave?

Inflata Ladder

Inflata Ladder is two giant inflatable ladders, challenge your friends to see who can reach the top and ring the bell first!

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