Inflata Race

The name Inflata Race doesn’t really do justice to our fantastically fun inflatable obstacle course. 

Inflata Race doesn’t just reward speed. It takes agility, strength stamina and demands you to act like a total ninja if you want to come out on top. But win or lose, you’ll have a great time on Inflata Nation’s ultimate running, clambering, swinging challenge.

Assault course action

Put simply, Inflata Race is a two lane inflatable assault course that lets you challenge friends, siblings or even - oh yes! - parents to a sprint to the finish.

Needless to say, an obstacle course needs obstacles. Inflata Race has loads of them, from walls to clamber over to holes to squeeze through. You’ll need a tight grip for the rope swing and a nimble mind to find the best way past the biff bash posts. You’ll need to be fast, fit and fearless. 

Obstacle races anyone can enjoy

Or not that fast, fit or fearless. Inflata Race is for everyone, so you can take it at your own pace and just have fun. Be as competitive or collaborative as you want to be. You don’t just have to find the quickest way to the finishing line - you can find the most fun way too.

Of course, fun isn’t hard to find, given that all the action takes place on a super-soft, super-bouncy inflatable track. In fact, falls, trips and stumbles are all part of the entertainment. You get knocked down and you get up again. And again. And again…

Indoor activities with extra bounce

We think you’ll love Inflata Race. In fact, we think you’ll love all the fun-fuelled activities at Inflata Nation.

There are loads to choose from, from inflatable climbing walls and slides to basketball hoops anyone can dunk and bouncy bubbles with extra oomph. For a really different day out, why not release your inner ninja and check out Inflata Nation? Your obstacle course (with a difference) awaits... 

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