Inflata Hoops

Put it one way and Inflata Hoops is nothing more than a series of basketball hoops attached to the sides of our inflatable indoor arena. But that description really doesn’t do it justice. This is a basketball hoop game with a unique twist.


Here’s all you need to know about Inflata Hoops

Hoop and glory

Inflata Hoops is a game in which you score points by throwing a ball into a basketball hoop. 

So far, so what?

The twist is that this indoor activity takes place at Inflata Nation, which means you bounce, dunk, rebound and slam on our super-bouncy, supersoft floor. So you think there’s no chance you’ll score with a spectacular dunk shot? Think again. Our bed of bounce-loaded cushions propel you high into the air - and into the perfect position to pull off the impossible.

In other words, this is one basketball hoop game that lets anyone channel their inner Michael Jordan. 

And it’s one where failing is half the fun. Fall short when trying to execute that perfect slam dunk and you’ll hit the inflatable floor and bounce right back up again! You’ll fly like a bird, float like a butterfly, and fall like a stone - and still have lots of fun.

Inflata Hoops is a basketball hoop game that anyone can enjoy, regardless of age, fitness or physical ability. 

Indoor activities that fly

You’ll love Inflata Hoops, and it’s one of a huge variety of unique and exciting indoor activities at Inflata Nation. When you’ve shot some hoops, why not try Inflata Race, our inflatable obstacle course, or take our gladiator style Inflata Duel challenge? There’s lots more for you to explore at Inflata Nation.

And when you need a break, stop in at our on-site Cafe Nation cafe. There’s a great selection of hot and cold drinks and homemade food and snacks, and the WiFi comes free. 

So why not check out Inflata Nation? Your own Inflata Hoop is waiting - and you’re just one bounce from glory.

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