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What to Expect

When you arrive at Inflata Nation you will find a fun-filled environment, designed to entertain both young and old alike. However, as a family ourselves, we understand that safety is key to ensuring that when you leave, you want to come back time and time again!

Our number one priority is customer safety!

Whilst bouncing around can be dangerous if simple safety rules are not followed, as long as these are adhered to and people are considerate of each other, everyone should be in for a fun time!

You will see our inflatable rules displayed near the arena entrance/exit and will also be informed of them by our arena supervisors at the start of your session. If you are in any doubt, just ask!

We would also suggest that all participants wear long sleeved tops and long trousers to avoid minor friction burns which can occur when playing on inflatables. 

Arena Supervisors

The staff that work at Inflata Nation as arena supervisors, are trained to ensure that everyone has fun in a safe environment. They are there to make sure that the rules are adhered to on the arena and that all activity areas are monitored for safe use.

Inflata Nation operates a time out system. Any participant endangering themselves or others will be asked to leave the inflatables for 5 minutes and given an appropriate warning. Any subsequent offending behaviour will result in the participant being given a 10 minute time out and warning that their return is their last chance. If they then continue to display offending behaviour, then they will be asked to leave and not permitted to return to any session that day. If an action is considered extremely dangerous then the arena supervisors reserve the right to ask someone to leave with immediate effect. Our supervisors' decisions are final!

First and foremost, we want every bouncer to leave Inflata Nation feeling energised after a fun day out! We therefore only work with the most respected inflatable manufacturers to produce the highest quality arenas, as our customers deserve the best the industry can offer! We ensure that all of our equipment complies with all relevant legislation and is maintained by our highly trained staff, who perform both daily and weekly checks to ensure its continued safety.

Inflatable Arena Safety

Always watch out for other bouncers, bounce within your abilities and follow the rules!

  • DO NOT bounce on the hatch marked area at the front of the arena, this is for entry and exit only
  • Socks MUST be worn at ALL TIMES – No bare feet
  • NO climbing on the walls between activities or around the outside of the arena
  • NO rough play, wrestling, tackling or shoving
  • NO leaning or climbing on netting
  • NO sitting or lying on the inflatables
  • NO food, drink or chewing gum allowed on the arena
  • NO bouncing under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Do not attempt any move beyond your own skill level
  • Remove all items from your pockets before entering the arena
  • NO keys, keychains, sharp or pointed items on the arena
  • NO belt buckles or studs on clothing
  • We also recommend the removal of all jewellery
  • DO NOT leave clothing lying on the arena, use lockers provided
  • DO NOT participate if you are pregnant or are suffering from any injuries

In the event that any inflatable section starts to deflate, please exit the arena quickly and calmly using the nearest exit and inform a member of staff. As soon as the issue is resolved and the inflatables are fully refilled you will be able to re-enter the arena, but only do so when told by a member of staff that it is safe to do so.

‘THE Inflata’ and ‘Inflata Drop’ - Slide Safety

  • Always slide whilst seated, feet in front of you, DO NOT slide down head first.
  • Only one person to go down at a time on the drop slides.
  • Ensure that the slide exit is clear before starting your slide.

‘Inflata Wall’ - Climbing Wall Safety

  • DO NOT jump off the climbing wall, only climb down.
  • DO NOT attempt to climb over the top of the climbing wall.

'Inflata Duel’ - Gladiator Duel Safety

  • Only 2 people allowed on the platform at any one time.
  • Safety equipment must be worn at all times by participants.
  • Anyone suffering from a history of back, neck or brittle bone conditions should not participate.
  • Remain on the outside of the perimeter wall unless participating.
  • Remember the duel is for fun, DO NOT be overly aggressive or enthusiastic, hitting excessively hard, hitting the head or face could cause serious injury. The aim of the game is to force your opponent off the podium before you fall off.
  • Jabs to the face and head are STRICTLY FORBIDDEN.

‘Inflata Balls’ – Total Wipeout Ball Safety

  • Only one person on the balls at any one time.
  • No flips between balls.
  • If you fall from the balls, exit via the nearest exit, do not attempt to climb back up. 

‘Inflata Tots’ – Dedicated Under 4 arena

  • ONLY those aged under 4 are permitted in this area.
  • Parents supervising must remain at the front of the arena and not go onto the inflatable arena.

Please Note:  All participants must complete a Waiver form.

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