Inflata Bubbles

You’re guaranteed to hit new heights with our Inflata Bubbles, the spring loaded spheres that sit at the heart of every Inflata Nation arena. 

Let’s not beat around the bush - Inflata Bubbles are all about the bounce. Here’s what you need to know.


Bubbles of fun

Head to the centre of every Inflata Nation arena and you can’t miss our Inflata Bubbles. They might not look like much, but each one has been infused with a secret ingredient - an injection of pure oomph. 

These spring loaded inflatable pillows will launch you into space like an Apollo rocket. The fun of Inflata Bubbles is not about speed, balance or skill. Like we say, it’s all about the bounce.

How high can you go?

So what to do with Inflata Bubbles? Jump, leap and bounce some more. Get some bouncy momentum going and spring into the stratosphere. Leave the rest of Inflata Nation far below. 

Make it competitive if you want. Who can bounce highest? Who can perform the most graceless belly flop on the way down? Needless to say, reconnecting with the ground - or splash down, as we call it - is as soft as soft can be.

Indoor activities for the whole family

Inflata Bubbles is just one of a huge variety of fun-fuelled activities here at Inflata Nation. 

There are lots to choose from, from inflatable climbing walls and slides to basketball hoops that can turn anyone into a dunk master and inflatable obstacle courses with a twist. 

There’s even an on-site cafe when you need a break, serving hot and cold drinks and tempting treats. You can always have your party at Inflata Nation, and keep an eye on our special offers page, where there’s always a bargain to be had.

So for a really different day out, why not check out Inflata Nation? Your spring loaded super bubbles await...

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