Inflata Grab

Remember Hungry Hungry Hippos, the completely bonkers board game? Well Inflata Grab is the full size human version, and it’s even better (and equally bonkers). If you can make it to our awesome inflatable park in Birmingham you are going to love this!

This is what you need to know...

Animal magic

Words can’t really do Inflata Grab justice, but we’ll give it a try. This indoor activity takes strength, stamina and stretch-ability, and it’s pretty much the most fun anyone could ever have at the end of a bungee cord.

Like the original Hungry Hungry Hippos, the object of the game is simply to ‘eat’ as many balls as possible, and the winner is the player who collects the most.

Unlike Hungry Hungry Hippos, Inflata Grab makes you the hippo. You and your opponents are attached to bungee cords, and a basket of balls is dropped into the arena. The person who gathers the most wins the game.

It sounds easy. And it is, in theory. But your bungee cord will only allow you to stretch so far before it starts to fight back. You’ll have to fight and strain to collect hard-to-reach balls. Stretch too far and your cord will snap you back to your starting point. Failure has never been so much fun.

You’ll spend a lot of time being bounced around by the bungee cord and beaten to balls by opponents. You’ll probably end up face down on our soft, inflatable arena floor quite often. And you’ll love every second of it.

Inflata Grab is all about falling down and bouncing around. Winning the game is just a bonus.

Indoor activities at a stretch

Inflata Grab is brilliant but don’t forget the other fun-filled indoor activities in our inflatable theme parks, from giant slides to bouncy and brilliant inflatable obstacle courses. There are loads, loads more.

And when you need a break feel free to try out our on-site Cafe Nation cafe and the WiFi comes free.

So why not check out Inflata Nation, and let the hippo’s banquet begin!

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