THE Inflata

If you like giant slides, head for Inflata Drop, the beast of a slide at the heart of every Inflata Nation arena. 

If you want something even more extreme, head for THE Inflata, a super slide the likes of which you may never have come across before. This is an inflatable slide with bite. 


Catch some air

So what’s different about THE Inflata? For a start, it’s massive. You’ll climb as high as the top of Inflata Drop, and keep climbing. Eventually you’ll reach the high platforms at the top of THE Inflata, and see all our other indoor activities stretched out below.

Then you have a choice to make. Do you choose the curvy slide, or the straight one? Either way, take a deep breath, make the leap, and you’ll soon find that THE Inflata is long and slippy enough for you to pick up some real speed before the end, when you crash into the softest of landings. Then pick yourself up and go again!

THE Inflata is an extreme drop slide and you’ll love it. Like all our indoor activities, all the action takes place on supersoft inflatables, above a floor of bouncy inflatable cushions. When you hit the bottom, you’ll bounce right back again.

There are no limits at Inflata Nation. When you’ve braved THE Inflata once, you can conquer it again and again.

Indoor activities for any weather

THE Inflata is an inflatable slide with a difference, but don’t forget all the other fun-fuelled activities available at Inflata Nation. Inflata Drop is a slide that dumps you into one of the UK’s largest ball pools. Inflata Race is an inflatable obstacle course that will test your skill, speed and stamina. There are loads more, and the fun can never be spoiled by the weather.

And don’t forget, when you need a break there’s Cafe Nation, our on-site cafe with speciality teas, great coffee and homemade food and snacks. There’s free WiFi too.

So why not check out Inflata Nation? THE Inflata is ready and waiting to welcome the fearless.

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