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Inflata Tots 

Days Out With Toddlers

Days out with toddlers

Got a toddler full of energy, but fed-up of taking them to the same soft play centres?
Inflata Nation offer weekly toddler only sessions, called 'Inflata Tots'. We open up our entire Inflatable Theme Park just for the little ones to enjoy with no fear of bigger kids or adults falling into them or getting in their way.

Our Inflata Tots sessions are finished off with cordial and biscuits for the little ones in our very own on-site Café.

Inflata Tots Timetable


12pm - Inflata Tots (Birmingham and Beverley)

1pm - Inflata Tots (Manchester)

2pm - Inflata Tots (Cheshire)



12pm - Inflata Tots (Manchester, Birmingham and Beverley)

2pm – Inflata Tots (Cheshire)



12pm - Inflata Tots (Manchester, Birmingham and Beverley)

12pm – Inflata Tots (Cheshire)


(Please note that Inflata Tots sessions may take place earlier during holiday periods.)

Inflata Tots pricing

The price for Inflata Tots is £5.95.

How to book

To book your next days out with toddlers; Inflata Tots session simply click the 'Class' tab in our availability checker and select the date you would like to attend. Make sure to grab a loyalty card for free sessions and other rewards too!

Please note: This session is only suitable for pre-schoolers. Grown-ups are encouraged to come on to the arena to support their child free of charge during the activity class. A waiver form must be completed before entering the arena.

We also run disability friendly class sessions and grown up only classes as well as our popular fitness class too!

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