Inflata Duo

You can’t have a giant inflatable theme park without slides, and boy do our arenas have them. Inflata Drop is our standard model, launching you from a great height and depositing you at pace into a giant ball pool. 

Inflata Duo, on the other hand, is our new inflatable slide design, one of several indoor activities available at our indoor theme parks.

Here’s the lowdown…

A race to the bottom

So what’s special about Inflata Duo? For a start, it’s a biggie! The climb to the top will take you high into the eves of our inflatable arena. You’ll enjoy a panoramic view of the rest of the theme park.  

It’s also super-soft and super-slidey. Like all the other indoor activities at Inflata Nation, it’s inflatable, which means falls and tumbles happen on a floor of bouncy air-filled pillows. In fact falling head over heels is half the fun! Inflata Duo’s smooth surface means you can reach quite a speed.

Finally, it’s called Duo for a reason. This two-lane giant of a slide lets you face off against friends and family in a blistering race to the bottom. Push off with all your might, avoid the edges (pushing against them will slow you down), and reach the arena floor in double quick time. 

Then bounce straight back to the top and do it all over again!

Indoor activities that won’t let you down

Inflata Duo is just one of a host of great activities at Inflata Nation that can’t be ruined by the weather.  After hitting the slopes, why not try Inflata Race, our inflatable obstacle course, or take our gladiator style Inflata Duel challenge? You can enjoy a moment of après slide in our on-site Cafe Nation cafe, serving a great selection of hot and cold drinks and homemade food and snacks, and the WiFi comes free.

So why not check out Inflata Nation? We’ve got the best downhill racing this side of the Alps.

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