Inflata Duel

With Inflata Duel, only the best, bravest and most balanced survive!

(We say survive, but losing can be just as much as fun as winning, especially when it means  falling head first onto a floor of inflatable pillows.)

So welcome to Inflata Duel, the gladiator style combat game at the heart of every Inflata Nation arena.


A fight to the….bounce

Every Inflata Nation inflatable theme park is packed with indoor activities everyone will love, and Inflata Duel is a favourite of kids and grown-ups alike. 

But what is Inflata Duel? You might say that it’s a challenge of skill and courage, pitching two brave gladiators into a fight for ultimate glory. Or you might describe it - a wee bit more accurately - as two people on a moving platform going at each other with pugil sticks (those things that look like giant cotton buds).

Either way, it’s loads of fun.

The gladiator in us all

The thing about Inflata Duel is that it’s loads of fun for everyone, big or small, young or not so young. You see, it’s about balance as much as brawn, and skill more than size. 

That moving platform is a great equaliser. Come out swinging and you might pitch yourself right over the edge. Deftly duck an attack and you could gain the upper hand against an overbalanced opponent.

And if you lose? Well, if you fall you fail, but with Inflata Duel only in the most fun way possible. This is one gladiator duel in which the loser is guaranteed to bounce right back.

Indoor activities for everyone

In a nutshell, Inflata Duel is fantastic fun and a great way to test your balance and coordination. But don’t spend too long on it - there’s loads more to do at Inflata Nation.

Inflata Duel is just one of a huge variety of indoor activities at the UK’s most family-friendly inflatable theme parks, from assault courses and slides to basketball hoops and super bouncy bubbles. For a really different day out, why not check out Inflata Nation? There’s a giant cotton bud with your name on it... 

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