A Day in the Life 

Inflata Nation Colindale Team Member

At Inflata Nation Colindale, the vibrant and bouncy world of inflatables comes to life through the hard work and dedication of the team members. Among them is the on arena team member, whose unique role encapsulates the essence of teamwork, safety, and ensures visitors have a memorable experience.

1) What makes this staff member's role unique?

The on arena team member is a linchpin in the daily operations at Inflata Nation Colindale. Their role involves a meticulous routine of inspecting, cleaning, and ensuring the overall safety and functionality of the inflatable arena before the first session begins. This responsibility is crucial in setting the stage for an enjoyable experience for every visitor.


2) Describe a typical day from the moment they arrive at the park until they leave?

The day kicks off with a thorough inspection of the arena. The team member checks for litter, lost property then vacuums, cleans, and sanitises. A health and safety check follows, ensuring there are no tears or hazardous objects. The arena's inflation and functionality are scrutinised, and any issues are reported immediately. This routine is completed every day before the first session begins. Throughout the day, the team members rotate around sections, maintaining vigilance with health and safety rules and ensuring customers have a great, safe and bouncy visit.


3) What are their primary responsibilities and tasks?

The primary responsibilities of the on arena team member includes the pre-session inspection and maintenance of the arena, following health and safety protocols, and ensuring that visitors have the correct wristbands. Regular rotations within the sections of the arena are undertaken to address any emerging issues promptly. Most importantly we want to ensure everyone has a lot of fun!


4) How do they interact with other staff members and management?

Communication is key, and team members use radios to stay connected. The team maintains a high level of etiquette as they work together to execute their specific duties. This collaborative effort ensures a smooth and organised operation.


5) What are some of the challenges that team members face during their daily work?

Peak times are very busy and whilst we want everyone to enjoy their bouncing sometimes staff members need to manage visitors who may not always adhere to the rules. Patience and good communication are vital tools in ensuring everyone's safety and enjoyment.

6) How do team members engage with visitors, and what role do they play in ensuring a positive visitor experience?

Team members, with a smile on their faces, act as positive and helpful guides for customers. From explaining the rules to assisting visitors on the arena, their presence ensures a positive atmosphere. Their proactive attitude becomes especially crucial once customers are on the arena, where they are readily available to offer assistance.


7) Can you share some memorable moments or interactions between staff and visitors that stand out?

A standout moment was when the team hosted an exclusive hire for Manchester United Footballer Aaron Wan-Bissaka's daughter's birthday party. The footballer was thoroughly impressed with both the staff and the arena, creating a very special memorable birthday experience for his daughter and all involved.


8) Can you share an interesting fact or insight?

An interesting titbit and one of the best things about the on arena team members role is that they get to test the inflatables every morning as part of their daily routine. Free bouncing every day. Awesome!!


9) What's their favourite way to spend their downtime when not at work?

After a day of non-stop bouncing, staff like to chill out and hang out with friends, appreciating the downtime that balances the energetic role they play at Inflata Nation Colindale.

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