Top 10 Benefits Of Bouncing

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Our inflatable theme parks are great fun with endless opportunities to glide down our giant slides, race against your friends on our Inflata Race assault courses, chase through the air-filled posts on Inflata Bash, practice your basketball skills at Inflata Hoops, but most of all bounce! You can’t do anything but bounce at Inflata Nation, especially on Inflata Bubbles; our extra bouncy bubbles, bounce as high as you can until you touch the sky.

Bouncing is incredibly fun (if you don’t believe us book yourself a bounce slot at one of our inflatable theme parks). When you’re taking part in an activity as fun as bouncing, the laughing and exercise produces feel-good hormones called endorphins. When these chemicals are released into your body, they interact with the receptors in your brain that reduces the perception of pain and stresses. 

So, not only will you feel really positive after one of our bounce sessions, but you’re likely to feel less stressed and in turn your sleep could be improved too. It’s a win win situation!

Another huge benefit of bouncing is that it’s healthy. Every week we run inflatable fitness classes where we make use of the whole arena and its wide range of inflatable activities. The classes are suitable for all ranges of fitness, so don’t worry you can workout at the pace that feels comfortable to you. We have a cool video on our website, take a look at our inflatable fitness classes page so you can see what a fitness class is really like. 

Please note: we are no longer running fitness classes at Inflata Nation. Visit our Classes page for information on available classes.

There are so many more benefits to bouncing and we have highlighted the top 10 on the below infographic. Take a look and feel free to share on social.


Published by Inflata Nation on May 29, 2018 at 1:58 PM

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