Old School Summer Holiday Fun!

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Ready for some old school summer fun?

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Depending on whether you’re a child or a parent, the summer holidays are either the very best thing that has ever happened on this or any other planet, or a massive childcare headache.

For parents, it’s the eternal conundrum. How do you keep kids occupied and entertained for six whole weeks (it’s tough enough at half term), without breaking the bank or reaching breaking point?

Well, for a start you could take advantage of Inflata Nation’s summer holiday discount code, but more of that later. In the meantime, here are a few ideas to help you survive the endless days of summer…

Kids Playing at Inflata Nation

Summer of sport

A teenager lit up Wimbledon. The Lionesses roared in France. England won the cricket world cup. And at time of writing, England are still in with a chance of winning the netball world cup. 

On top of it all, a new football season is just a few short weeks away.

So why not use this great summer of sport to inspire some healthy summer activities. Soccer camps for boys and girls spring up across the country during the six week break, many associated with professional clubs.

And it’s not just football. If your child is a cricket lover, you can find a class near you here. Or to get that Wimbledon vibe, how about tennis? The Lawn Tennis Association runs courses up and down the country during the summer.

Of course, you can always just nip down the park with bat, ball and racket and have a sporting summer of your very own.

Springing into summer

Another fantastic way to get kids off their screens for a bit and indulging in some healthy exercise is a session or two at Inflata Nation. Our summer discount will help. Just quote code SUMMER15 for 15% off a bounce session at Inflata Nation.

The thing about Inflata Nation is that a sudden summer downpour won’t have you scurrying for shelter, ruining your plans in the process. Our indoor arenas are protected from all the elements, whether that’s a summer deluge or hot summer sunshine, so there’s no need for sunscreen and sun hats.

In some ways, a session at Inflata Nation is summer fun the way it used to be. Kids are free to explore the entire indoor arena, on their own, in complete safety, running, climbing and playing without a care in the world. No traffic, no sunburn, no danger.

It’s a great spot for parents too, even if you don’t want to take a turn around our inflatable theme park. Our Cafe Nation cafes are great places to catch up on some work if you need to (fine coffee, free WiFi), or to just sit around and shoot the breeze with fellow parents. It is the summer holidays, after all.

There are now six Inflata Nation arenas up and down the country, so there’s probably one close to you. And we are busy making plans to spread the inflatable magic even further - we’re opening two new arenas by the end of 2019.

So why not pop down to your nearest Inflata Nation this summer? With our discount code, it’s an even better way to get the kids off their screens and enjoying an active, carefree taste of summer. It’s just like summers used to be.

Don’t forget your discount code: quote SUMMER15 and get 15% off your bounce session. Expires 31 August 2019.  



Published by Inflata Nation on July 16, 2019 at 10:12 AM

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