Happy Half Term

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Inflatable Family Friendly Fun

How are you spending half term this year?  Are you planning some days out together as a family? There’s a whole host of activities your kids and their friends can do this half term, including an exhilarating visit to your nearest Inflata Nation

Affordable Adventures

It’s time for some February half term adventures and we know it can be challenging to keep the kids entertained over the break, so to make things more affordable we’re offering a massive 15% off bounce sessions at participating venues when you book in advance.

Come and visit the UK's first and best family friendly inflatable theme parks this half term and have an absolute blast!  #inflatafun

Here’s the participating venues and the codes you need to book your visit online with 15% off:

Inflata Nation Manchester use code MANC2023

Inflata Nation Birmingham use code BIRM2023

Inflata Nation Peterborough use code PETE2023

Inflata Nation Telford use code TELF2023

Inflata Nation Huddersfield use code HUDD2023

Fun and Fitness

Let the kids run free and enjoy themselves as they leap, jump, spring and bounce across the huge action packed inflatable arena and all of its awesome activities.  You can be safe in the knowledge that they are not only having a great time, they are also exercising without even knowing it burning off all their energy and keeping fit. 

Aerobic exercise strengthens muscles and bones, so it is a really great workout for all ages, why not join in the fun and unleash your inner child to relieve all the stress from daily life.  Regular bouncing can make you feel younger and build stronger stamina, helping to slow down the ageing process...what a bonus! 

Don’t worry if you don’t feel like joining in with the kids, our cafes serve delicious warm drinks and snacks and there’s free wi-fi too so you can keep an eye on the kids while you kick back and relax.

Did You Know?

We also host children’s parties at Inflata Nation, with a selection of amazing packages to choose from and a dedicated party host to make sure you have everything you need to celebrate your child’s very special day.  You can find all the information you need on the children’s party page.


Published by Inflata Nation on February 8, 2023 at 10:27 AM

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