Have a Happy Half-Term!

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Half Term at Inflata Nation

Its half-term.... yay!

A whole week off school and loads of time for plenty of family fun and adventures!   

So, what have you got planned this half-term? 

Why not come along to your nearest Inflata Nation Inflatable Theme Park and have some serious laughs and giggles, leaping, bouncing, jumping and sprinting around the awesome arena and challenge yourself, family and friends to try all the activities on offer.   

There are now 8 Inflata Nation Inflatable Theme Parks across the UK, find your nearest location.

Inflatable Activities at Inflata Nation Inflatable Theme ParksEach Inflata Nation arena is slightly quirkier than the next as they are expertly designed to pack the maximum amount of fun into the space available!  Our Newcastle arena is an inflatable park inside an inflatable building and both Manchester and Beverley have two levels of inflatable fun!  So, if you are on a road trip, then why not visit a new Inflata Nation arena for more epic adventures. 

Open for longer

We’re open for even longer during half-term to make sure you get your bounce fix. If an hourly session is not enough (Fun Alert!) and if you think you can handle it, then why not add a second hour to your visit for a small additional cost.

Visit the location pages for more details on your Inflata Nation opening times over half-term and check out the facebook page for the latest news, offers and discount codes!

We ❤️ Rainy Days

All our Inflata Nation Inflatable Theme Parks are indoor, so no need to worry about the cold, wind, or rain as you’ll be nice and snug inside.  There are lockers for your coats, shoes and a lovely café for hot, cold drinks, freshly made food, snacks and treats.  Car parks are available at all locations. 

Pics and Videos 😊

We love to see how you spend your time at Inflata Nation, so share your stories with us, check in on Facebook and tag us on your Instagram videos and pics. 



Published by Inflata Nation on February 17, 2020 at 2:26 PM

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