Half-Term Spookiness at Inflata Nation

Have A Happy Half-Term

Let the bouncing games take your strain this half term

It doesn’t seem five minutes since the end of summer and already another holiday is steaming into view on the horizon.

There’s nothing wrong with holidays, of course, and kids need a break from the routine as much as anyone. It’s just that holidays always beg the same question: how do you keep kids occupied and entertained for a whole week!?

If that sounds like you and you’re searching around for things to do this half term, why not give our inflatable theme parks a try? Here are five very good reasons why you should...

Indoor activities the weather can’t spoil

All the fun at Inflata Nation happens inside, so the wind can howl and the rain can pour and it makes no difference. In the UK, thinking about the weather and having a Plan B in mind is advisable in the middle of July - at the end of October it’s all but essential! But with Inflata Nation you don’t need to worry. The fun is weather-proof.

It’s exercise with extra bounce

At school they have PE and a runaround in the playground at lunchtime. During the holidays, especially if the weather isn’t too good, ensuring that kids still get a good dose of exercise can be a challenge.

Agan, Inflata Nation can take that worry away. Scrambling up our inflatable climbing wall or racing to the finish through our inflatable obstacle course takes strength and stamina. It gets blood pumping and muscles twitching. In fact our entire indoor arena is so much fun that your kids won’t even realise they’re getting in some very healthy exercise at the same time, and they won’t want to stop.

You can bounce - or work

Inflata Nation isn’t just for kids - grown-ups love it just as much. Bouncing high into the air and falling onto a bed of springy giant pillows is joyful and addictive. Why not give it a try?

But if you really need to get on with some work while the kids bounce themselves silly, that’s fine too. All our inflatable arenas come with an on-site Cafe Nation cafe, where you can settle down to work with an artisan coffee and a homemade cake or something else from our wide range of hot and cold drinks and tempting treats. If you need to be connected, the WiFi is free, and you can keep an eye on the kids from our viewing gallery. If you have young ones with you, they will love our exclusive area for under fours.

It’s an inflatable theme park!

OK, we’re stating the obvious, but one of the main reasons you should take the kids to Inflata Nation this half term is that, well, it’s an inflatable theme park! Just think about it. Nearly everything is inflatable, nearly everything can be bounced on (and if it can’t be bounced on it can probably be scrambled up or slid down), and everything is designed for fun. You can dunk baskets with a spring-loaded leap! You can hit the stratosphere with the help of our extra bouncy bubbles! You can do exactly what you want.

So the best reason for a visit this half term is the most obvious of all: your kids will thank you for it (and beg to go again).

It’s spring-fuelled spookiness

October half term is of course the week leading up to Halloween, and to celebrate the fact Inflata Nation is having lots of extra spooky fun. You can learn more about it on out Halloween blog post but suffice to say that our Halloween extras are free and fun and they will involve prizes. So head to Inflata Nation this half term for a week of ghoulish delights.

So there you have it. As we hope we’ve explained, Inflata Nation is a half term holiday treat the whole family can enjoy.


Published by Inflata Nation on October 9, 2018 at 1:43 PM

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