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If your Christmas has been as excessive as ours, you’re probably busy planning ways to move more in 2019. 

And if you really are like us, all your good intentions to go running or swimming or Nordic walking twice a week will have been forgotten by the end of January.

It’s tough to start a new exercise regime in the middle of a cold, damp winter. To stick to it, you really have to love what you’re doing. With that in mind, why not make a regular session at Inflata Nation one of your New Year’s fitness resolutions for 2019?

Fun and fitness combined

What makes Inflata Nation different to any other exercise you might take up at this time of year?

For a start, it’s fun. Really, really good fun. When you’re bouncing, leaping, running and jumping on a bed of inflatable pillows, you don’t realise you’re also working out. 

Working out - and how! An hour at Inflata Nation is an hour of constant movement. It’s an intense session that works muscles and heart and lungs hard, burning calories and boosting stamina. It pushes your fitness boundaries but does so in such a joyful, laugh-a-minute way that it really doesn’t feel like hard work at all.

The other great thing about getting fit at our inflatable arena is that your enthusiasm can’t be dampened by bad weather. It can be blowing a blizzard outside. Inside, it’s warm, comfortable and exhilarating!

Inflatable fitness classes

Please note: we are no longer running fitness classes at Inflata Nation. Visit our Classes page for information on available classes.

An hour of unstructured bouncing is a fabulous workout in its own right, and if you want to be free to explore the full length and breadth of our indoor arena without worrying about bumping into children, it’s worth knowing that we offer evening adult only sessions at all of our locations. 

But if you need a more structured session we also run boot camp style fitness classes at our inflatable theme parks.

Classes run every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday at 7pm, and are led by trained fitness instructors who will guide you through every move and exercise, while offering advice on making the most of our numerous fun-packed activities

Classes cost just £6, and because you can do everything at your own pace they are suitable for all fitness levels, body shapes and athletic abilities. If you pick up a loyalty card you’ll get free sessions and other rewards too. They’re available at reception.

So there you have it. If you want to be fitter and healthier in 2019, why not book yourself into an Inflata Nation fitness class, or just book an hour of adrenalin-packed bouncing, clambering and sliding? It makes getting fit fun, and that makes it something you will stick with.


Published by Inflata Nation on January 1, 2019 at 8:27 AM

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