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Autism-friendly Inflata Nation

Did you know that we hold disability friendly sessions across our Inflata Nation venues?

We know that parents, carers, special schools and support groups are always on the lookout for activities that are fun, safe and adapted to suit the needs of children with additional needs. Our autism-friendly sessions are tailored to provide exactly this.

We know that sensory overload can be an issue for some children with autism so we have the volume of the music much lower for these sessions. We also know that too many people can reduce enjoyment levels so we limit the number of people in the venues. We also offer free juice and biscuits for attendees at our disability friendly sessions, and every venue has accessible toilets. These sessions are very popular and provide a safe space and a great opportunity for both children and their families to make new friends and experience all the fun that inflatables offer.


We attend the autism-friendly session here with our son. We love it, he loves it and he's happy here. It's fun and safe and the staff are friendly. There's food and drinks available and accessible toilets. It's a relaxed session with less people and music turned down. It's perfect for our family only quite an early start 9am but we managed it OK 👍🏽 would recommend to other families who have children with additional needs.” Nazia, Google review


Our venues offer a wide range of inflatable fun with giant ball pools, slides, and activities that test speed, coordination and balance. There are activities for both independent play and for competitive races to climb the highest or bounce the highest. There really is something for everyone of all abilities and motor skills.

If you are involved in a support group for children with disabilities or work in a special school and want to discuss any additional needs or sessions that we haven’t considered then do get in touch. We are open to ideas to make Inflata Nation fun available to everyone.

Disability-friendly sessions take place on a weekly basis and can be booked online in advance. A parent/carer can also enter the arena FREE of charge with every participant.


Published by Inflata Nation on May 19, 2022 at 11:04 AM

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