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Inflata Nation has activities for everyone

So what is there to do at Inflata Nation?

It’s a question we get asked a lot, and the simple answer is “absolutely loads”. But that doesn’t really do all our amazing indoor activities justice, so we thought we’d create some pages that go into a bit more detail about each one.

You’ll find them all by hovering over our 'Activities' tab, but if you’re short of time, here’s a flavour of all the incredible stuff you can get up to at Inflata Nation.

Inflatable fun at Birmingham
Slide away

We’re firmly of the opinion that a good slide is one of the greatest inventions in human history, just below the microchip, the internal combustion engine and Marmite (you may disagree about the Marmite).

Every Inflata Nation is a celebration of great slides. Depending on which arena you visit, you’ll soon be hurtling earthwards on either Inflata Drop, our regular giant inflatable slide, or its slightly bigger cousin, THE Inflata (or both).

At our brand new Beverley arena, we’ve gone one step further and created a whole mountain of giant slides, with the UK’s largest ball pool (200,000 balls!) at the bottom.

Whichever slide you choose, you can be guaranteed a fast and furious race to the bottom.


Competition time

If you fancy some fun and friendly competition, Inflata Nation has the activities for you.

All our inflatable theme parks feature Inflata Race, our no holds barred two-lane inflatable obstacle course. Scramble, spring and speed your way to the finish any way you can.

Then there’s Inflata Duel, probably the only chance you’ll ever have to bash friends and family members with a giant cotton bud and get thanked for doing so! Seriously, Inflata Duel is a wibbly wobbly gladiator style challenge and win, lose or draw it’s an absolute hoot.

If you get the chance to visit our brand new Birmingham arena you are going to love Inflata Grab which is like a full size version of the old Hungry Hungry Hippos board game, just with you as the hippo.

We can best sum up Inflata Grab in three sentences:

-The aim: gather more balls than your opponents.

-The problem: you’re attached to a bungee cord.

-The result: mayhem.

Inflatable slides at Beverley

Hitting new heights

Inflata Nation is, fundamentally, all about the bounce, and Inflata Bubbles is our bounciest bit of all. This spring-loaded area is at the heart of all our arenas, and is basically a way of launching yourself into something approaching near-Earth orbit. If you want to turn it into a competition, feel free!

Inflata Wall, meanwhile, is our fiendishly fun inflatable climbing wall. It soars roof-wards and wraps around three sides of our arenas. You’ll need skill, ability and patience to conquer it, or you can just fall to the floor and bounce right back up again. Either way, it’s tonnes of fun.

And don’t forget Inflata Hoops, our basketball challenge where anyone can soar, dunk and slam to score, making full use of the super-soft, super-bouncy surface of our inflatable theme parks.

Talking of heights, our Beverley arena is the UK’s first double decker inflatable theme park, so reaching for the stars is pretty much obligatory.


Bounce for less

If you want to experience all these amazing indoor activities for less, check out our Summer Passport. This lets you buy multiple fun-fuelled bouncing sessions in one go and save £££s in the process. It’s available for under and over 4s, and in blocks of six or 12 bounce sessions. You can of course use the vouchers at any time of the year.

We can’t hope to cover all the ace indoor activities at Inflata Nation in one blog, but we hope that’s given you a taste of what’s on offer. If you’d like to know more, don’t forget to visit our activities page. We hope to see you at Inflata Nation soon.


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